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Previously unseen Sega Mega Drive, MegaCD and Saturn developer documentation, technical bulletins and specifications. Files donated by Aaron C (blahjedi).
Topics: sega, genesis, megacd, saturn, development, megadrive
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Dump status Released Released by Dumped by Togemet2 Andrew E. File release date April 28, 2019 Origin NR Disc Dump method RVT Wii Writer System Nintendo GameCube Genre Release date Role-playing JP  Aug 29, 2003 US  Jul 13, 2004 EU  Nov 19, 2004 Two Tales of Symphonia GameCube preview discs. These discs contains various debugging features and was dumped using an RVT by Andrew E.
Topics: Nintendo, Tales of Symphonia, Prototype, RTV, Development
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Yet another prototype has been dumped and released to you all! This time we will be taking a look at the unreleased game developed by Eurocom, Spider-Man 4 on the Nintendo Wii. This build was found on an RVT-H Wii development kit. These development kits are very similar to your normal Wii, however they use an internal hard drive as opposed to an optical drive. Due to there being a lack of an optical drive, there are also buttons on the front to mimic the functions of the optical drive. Said...
Topics: Nintendo, Wii, Spider-Man, Development, Prototype
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Unreleased prototype for the Sega Saturn "Star Wars Rebel Strike", (code name SPIKE). Title - Star Wars Rebel Strike Development Year - 1995 System - Sega Saturn ROM File(s) - SPIKE Document File(s) - SPIKE ------------ Included in this Internet Archive upload is the original development ROMs as well as scans of internal development documents. Prior to the discovery of this build, no recordings or photos were ever released to the public. To download individual files...
Topics: Prototype, Game Development, Star Wars, Sega Saturn, Gaming Alexandria, ObscureGamers, Game...